They never learn.. Such a pity!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

BENVENUTTI (WELCOME)... Mai singgah minum dulu>>>

"Cukup-cukuplar facebook. Tak payah hegeh2 nak blogging." I had this kind of feeling the moment I wanted to start setting up a blog.. Yeah, everyone has their own blogs so why can't I.. Let me introduce myself first. Alif Ishak Ayob.. Call me anything you want but REMEMBER!!!!!! The names must be able to picture myself as a person with two eyes, 1 nose and a pair of lips(supposedly to look like a human..haha) So, welcome to my blog and be the first to become the follower..But my blog doesn't have much like yours..

Y'know, I've a disease where I can't stop talking and I talk whenever I feel like I want to. Sometimes there are people who don't like me to talk much yet when I go into 'silent mode', that doesn't really work. But it doesn't signify my capacity to frequently update my posts. Actually I don't wish to write much for my first post so that's all for now.. I'm still new to this prophetic-invented technology so I must learn to captivate all of you with another things.. So wait for them hah..

OK till we meet again and wait for my another posts.. Salam