They never learn.. Such a pity!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bukan 1 tapi 2

It's not too late I reckon

18 September 2011 marked a very important event where my dad and a friend of mine share the same birthday.

How wonderful!!! 

To Abah, may Allah grant you with bliss and blessings. Though I'm not a good son, trust me not a second I regret having you as my father. I promise to work hard and be your protector in the future.. I actually cry when writing this but who cares?? I even cried when asking for your forgiveness during Eid <o_o>


I know you won't be reading this yet Allah knows to the slightest what I am feeling right now.. Sayang Abah.

Yang tgh itu nyibuk ja tp ni jelah gambaq yang ada..

         To my beloved friend Asyraf Syahir bin Mohd Najib ( my mom's name is Rosma just without 'h' btw) hopefully you enjoy this last 1-in-front-of-your-age time because we're gonna lose that one for the upcoming burstday.

Aku xdak menda nak bagi kalau ang nak nanti lar nohh. Buku metal dah ada orang
bagi, rantai shamrock aku x jumpa, gelang dah pernah bagi, snow cap pon the matured
Sarah Baniyamin dah bagi dok.

Great influence from me.

I just feel a lil bit guilty because I didn't give anything to you.. Just to recap, I was actually taken by surprise to say the least when you bought me souvenirs which cost about _____. (x payah mention pon) but seriously no one ever gives me things like you did.. Haha not to mention the stupidest thing you bought me ( silap saiz ok please take note tp aku x pernah try pon).. May Allah bless you.

Clinging to the past.

Ampun PAK!

OK readers( is there any?) How are you doing? Dari kawan aku baru sebulan mengandung sampailah aku rasa dia dah bersalin baru kan nak update.. Jugak kata2 sinis dari kawan.. Sorry lar yeop!


Cakap pasal update2 nie, aku pernah lar make an oath yang bila masuk U( jgn tny uni apa) nak aktif sikit menulis-nulis nie.. Esp in English.. tp post2 in English will come out in next to no time lar InsyaAllah.. So I assume that writing a blog would be the right medium for an amateur writer like me to actually enhance the very little skills that I have now..

Sebelum ni pon keja kilang xdak masa nak baca blog kawan2 sendiri what's more nak update yang sendiri punya internet problem jgn cakap larr.. blerghh>> Jadi inilah masanya (cewwahh) nak berblogging..

Ok larr dah mengarut bnyk sangat.. Time to enjoy omelette sausages!


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

BENVENUTTI (WELCOME)... Mai singgah minum dulu>>>

"Cukup-cukuplar facebook. Tak payah hegeh2 nak blogging." I had this kind of feeling the moment I wanted to start setting up a blog.. Yeah, everyone has their own blogs so why can't I.. Let me introduce myself first. Alif Ishak Ayob.. Call me anything you want but REMEMBER!!!!!! The names must be able to picture myself as a person with two eyes, 1 nose and a pair of lips(supposedly to look like a human..haha) So, welcome to my blog and be the first to become the follower..But my blog doesn't have much like yours..

Y'know, I've a disease where I can't stop talking and I talk whenever I feel like I want to. Sometimes there are people who don't like me to talk much yet when I go into 'silent mode', that doesn't really work. But it doesn't signify my capacity to frequently update my posts. Actually I don't wish to write much for my first post so that's all for now.. I'm still new to this prophetic-invented technology so I must learn to captivate all of you with another things.. So wait for them hah..

OK till we meet again and wait for my another posts.. Salam